Looking for help getting the most out of your forms or integrating with other services? We've partnered with a number of outstanding companies that know FormAssembly well, so you can leverage their expertise and start collecting data even faster.

Big Picture Digital

We see the Big Picture, providing Salesforce Nonprofit starter pack configuration combined with best of breed Apps to help nonprofit organizations achieve more visibility, drive more donations and create a greater impact in the community.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: English, Spanish

4C Consult

Convinced that cloud computing is the gateway of success for any multi-platform business, 4C Consult offers professional services in the Business IT sector, leveraging leading CRM platforms to foresee and meet our clients' needs with SMART* solutions.
Specialties: Salesforce, FormAssembly, Data Manipulation
Languages: English, French, Arabic, Armenian, Portuguese, Spanish

4site Solutions

Web design and business process consulting company focusing on small business and non-profit. We are experienced in using FormAssembly to streamline and automate processes.
Specialties: Salesforce, Webmerge, SMB and Nonprofit
Languages: English

501 Partners LLC

501Partners believes there is an unprecedented opportunity for clients to leverage technology through the Salesforce platform. Our goal is to be a long-term trusted partner and we’ve developed a suite of flexible, economical and diverse approaches to serve organizations of all sizes.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: English

Accessability for All

Accessability for All offering accessibility consultant for businesses and government offices. The company provides a broad range of services including consulting, guidance, training, conducting surveys, accessibility for web sites and mobile, supervision and guidance in order to give the organization at the end of the process "accessible character", which is a sign of social and moral society as a whole. The company operates and initiated numerous collaborations in order to provide customers full accessibility solutions and services.
Languages: Hebrew

ACF Solutions

ACF Solutions is a Strategic Salesforce implementation partner for the nonprofit and higher education sectors. We are a trusted partner to the Salesforce.com Foundation and to many of the most influential organizations and institutions using Salesforce today.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Higher Education
Languages: English


Acutedge is a Philadelphia-based Salesforce.com Foundation Partner, specializing in the implementation and customization of Salesforce for Affordable Housing, Human Services, and Education Sectors. We leverage the Salesforce.com platform to deliver cloud-based applications that help nonprofit organizations advance their mission, better connect with constituents, and notably boost operational eciencies. With clients ranging from small nonprofit organizations to large NGOs, Acutedge has successfully led more than 150 projects over the past six years.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofits, Education
Languages: English

Agilidi, Inc.

Agilidi brings agile solutions to business challenges with cloud applications and platforms like Salesforce.com, FormAssembly, Marketo, Conga, and EchoSign. Agilidi’s technology-enabled professional services are supported by a team of Salesforce.com Certified Sales Cloud Consultants and Administrators.
Specialties: Salesforce.com, Web/eCommerce , Business Integrations
Languages: English


Let’s keep it simple. It’s just who we are. Innovation, creativity and simplicity are the lifeblood of AJ Consulting. Our team is composed of people who thrive on creative challenges and the opportunity to build original platforms, apps and gamified experiences that are truly innovative. We like to keep things simple at AJ. And that’s why we just couldn’t resist the cloud. Technology is constantly evolving and small, dynamic companies like us are having a real impact on our clients’ businesses by delivering the best tech possible combined with loads of creative energy. Enabling our clients to unlock the potential of mobility and social networks by proposing cutting edge cloud-based solutions is what we at AJ Consulting do best. It’s a good thing too, because we love doing it. Another thing we love to do is cut out the middle man. What use is a platform or product that can only be operated by programmers and IT departments? We put our creative geniuses and technology "rock stars" to work to build solutions that can be used directly by the individuals in your business. Call us crazy but it just seems simpler this way.
Specialties: Salesforce, SocioTactics and CloudTV, and Gamification
Languages: English


akaCRM is a professional services firm which provides comprehensive services for salesforce.com and the Force.com cloud platform. Key services include pre-project consulting, implementation, data services, integration, support and training.
Specialties: Salesforce CRM & Automation
Languages: English


AlphaSys are business consultants first and technologists second. This means we work with you to understand your business objectives, client journeys, internal processes and how they intersect together. Our usage of leading cloud technologies including FormAssembly and Salesforce will improve the way you work and help you achieve success.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-profit, Integrations
Languages: English

Altius Services

Vos projets salesforce de A à Z : 100% business 100% on time 100% on budget
Specialties: 100% Salesforce, France and Switzerland, and all industries - nice prices for non-profit organizations
Languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish


Aprika Business Solutions was established to provide high-quality services to Australian businesses. Our core focus is working with clients to drive business growth and achievement of strategic objectives. Our core services of Marketing Consultancy, Project Management, Website Development, Salesforce.com CRM Implementation & Support, and Business Analysis allow us to enable clients to focus their business strategy, activities and resources towards clear, achievable business growth.
Specialties: Salesforce.com Consultancy, Salesforce ISV Partners, Salesforce Consulting Partners
Languages: English

Artisan Consulting

Artisan Consulting is a Salesforce.com Partner specialising in implementations which are complex due to: · the degree of custom development · the number of system integrations (including data captured with FormAssembly) · the number of user communities or business units · the number of program roadmap delivery phases Artisan Consulting addresses the needs of mid to large sized corporations for whom Salesforce is a mission critical system, requiring an agile yet disciplined approach to program delivery.
Specialties: Salesforce Implementation, System Integration
Languages: English


Asperato provides flexible, cutting edge, multi-currency payment integration direct into Salesforce. Save time, admin and compliance headaches with a fully integrated payment solution.
Specialties: Salesforce payment integration and Salesforce consultancy
Languages: English

AvideonCRM LLC

AvideonCRM is a leading cloud computing services provider, delivering world-class solutions based on the Salesforce.com platform. We help clients align their business and IT strategies so they can effectively apply technology to business processes. Since our founding in 1999, AvideonCRM has managed hundreds of successful cloud computing implementations under our belt – ranging from Salesforce SalesCloud and ServiceCloud deployments to the most complex custom application development projects on the Force.com platform.
Specialties: Salesforce.com, Client Acquisition, Lead Generation
Languages: English

B2 Solutions

Struggling to make sense of the Salesforce ecosystem? The capabilities of the platform? Or are you looking for ways to get more value from your investment? We can help!
Specialties: Salesforce, Software Companies, Energy and Utilities
Languages: English


Balink designs and provides B2B cloud solutions and services based on the Force.com platform by Salesforce that unlock the value of the company’s investment strategy in cloud computing. We serve a wide customer base ranging from telecommunications, network systems & security, financial services, facilities management to e-commerce, learning, media and others.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

Big Data Digital

Australian Salesforce consultants
Specialties: Salesforce

Bigger Boat Consulting

Bigger Boat Consulting is a Salesforce Foundation partner providing Salesforce consulting services and administrator coaching for nonprofit organizations. Bigger Boat specializes in donor, program, and client management solutions. All Bigger Boat consultants are certified as Advanced Admins and/or Developers.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: English

BizzwithBuzz, Inc.

BizzwithBuzz, Inc. is centrally located in Silicon Valley, near such major firms as LinkedIn, Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook, helping us stay current with industry trends in technology, small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurship. This highly competitive dual industry knowledge allows us the flexibility to adapt and offer you the latest in Web and Mobile Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Branding, Content Writing, and Interactive Marketing solutions, keeping you well ahead of your competition and empowering you with tools and web presence that is unmatched in the industry. Contact Us today at 408.978.BUZZ(2899) and have our specialized creative web and graphic design professionals assist you in selecting the best Web, Mobile, Video, Social Media Branding & Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Interactive Web Marketing solution for your business.
Specialties: Web & Mobile Design, Branding & Graphic Design, Interactive Web & Social Media Marketing and SEO
Languages: English


Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm. Companies across the world choose Bluewolf to help them engage their customers and drive more sales. As the first global business consulting firm born in the cloud, Bluewolf’s strategic consulting, implementation, training, and cloud management services drive business outcomes in weeks, not years.
Specialties: Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua

Cirrico Solutions

Cirrico Solutions are a Salesforce.com partner specialising in strategic consulting, deployment and enablement for Small and Medium sized businesses across the globe.
Specialties: Salesforce.com
Languages: English

Cloud Chillies

Cloudchillies specializes in salesforce consulting, implementation, integration and application development
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofits, Implementation
Languages: English

Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good works with nonprofit and educational organizations to create strategic solutions on the salesforce platform. We are salesforce experts who speak fluent nonprofit.
Specialties: Salesforce, NonProfit, Higher Education
Languages: English

Cloud Genius Ltd

At Cloud Genius we solve the problems of small businesses, charities and not for profit organisations. Cloud Genius looks at each client individually - only by understanding what you are trying to achieve can we can help you achieve it. We analyse your work and your processes. Then, drawing on our years of experience of the charity and small business sector, we help you shift to better ways of working.
Specialties: Salesforce, Websites, SMB and Nonprofits
Languages: English

Cloud Giants

Cloud Giants helps companies implement & manage their Salesforce.com investments. Our mission is to be your trusted advisor & help obtain greater utilization, adoption, & ROI.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Small and Medium Sized Business
Languages: English, Spanish

Cloud Nerd

Founded by Salesforce consulting expert Chris Scheppler in 2001, Cloud Nerd is one of the most respected cloud application and business systems consulting companies. Our innovative approach to business systems consulting delivers superior results in less time with a proprietary in-house designed project management system. We not only discover the needs of our clients, but show them "behind closed doors" what business systems will look like in the future; so their back office is ready today for tomorrow's marketplace. We work with Saleforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Sharepoint, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, Zendesk, Informatica, Box.com, Dropbox, Office 365 and over 100 other cloud application systems.
Specialties: Salesforce, Start Ups, Non Profits
Languages: English

Cloud Notions

Cloud Notions provides Salesforce.com implementation and support to clients in North America and Europe.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

Cloud Software, LLC

Cloud Software, LLC is a full service, end-to-end Salesforce.com development company. We enable clients to leverage their Salesforce.com investment through integrating external systems, data modeling, customizing the user interface and implementing business processes and automation. We have a growing satisfied client base that includes small through large enterprises, including American Express, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and The Carlyle Group.
Specialties: Salesforce.com Project and Development Services, Salesforce.com Sales Cloud Customization, Salesforce.com Service Cloud Customization
Languages: English

Cloud Starter Labs

Cloud Starter Labs is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of cloud based solutions like: - Salesforce.com - Financialforce - Zuora We also have expertise implementing applications from the cloud ecosystem such as e-signatures, document merge apps and much more.
Specialties: Salesforce, FinancialForce, Zuora, Docusign, Echosign
Languages: English, Spanish


CloudSocius Offer a number of services suited to organisations who have adopted Salesforce - Professional services: We will take on any size Salesforce.com project no matter how large or small - Managed Services: Cost effective managed administration services ranging from basic administration to development & Support Our client base is broad and we work with end users of cloud software as well as technology vendors with true SaaS capabilities and customer satisfaction comes paramount to all else!
Specialties: Salesforce Implementation, Salesforce Support, Salesforce Administration
Languages: English


UK based Salesforce partners specialising in implementing Salesforce quickly and efficiently on behalf of SMBs
Specialties: Salesforce Implementation
Languages: English

Cloudtroupe LLC

Cloudtroupe has assisted many customers to implement and to get full adoption of Salesforce.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit & For Profit, Large and Small Organizations
Languages: English

Coastal Cloud

Coastal Cloud rapidly delivers exceptional Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions. Our team of certified professionals is highly experienced, easy to work with and affordable. Our unique delivery center is on the beach in NE Florida.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, . Economic & Workforce Development
Languages: English


Salesforce for small business experts. Collabrax is experienced using FormAssembly for their customers and their own company to automatically record data anywhere in Salesforce. They promise to promote growth, scalability, and cost savings so that you can get back to what you do best -- running a successful and profitable business.
Specialties: Salesforce, FormAssembly, Small Business, Affordability

Corrao Group

Corrao Group empowers organizations to grow, transform and protect their investments by infusing proven strategic leadership, management and software solutions. Our Business Lifecycle Management process provides an outsourced management model, which spans virtually all mission-critical business disciplines. Our phased approach will enable your organization to streamline operations while growing sales. Our expertise implementing salesforce.com and AscentERP applications will provide you complete control of your company-wide initiatives. As a Corrao Group customer, you will be able to leverage our experts with impeccable credentials of more than 600 years of business experience.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English


Covidi Consulting specializes in Salesforce customization to streamline your business processes. FormAssembly is the most powerful forms-to-records solution in the AppExchange. We can help you create, configure and automate your forms data capture processes.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

Cumulus Vision

Focused on small-mid size organizations. We provide implementation services for Sales & Service Cloud and custom app development on the force.com platform.
Specialties: Salesforce, Advanced Workflow and Automation, Integrations
Languages: English

Customer Centered Consulting Group

Customer Centered Consulting Group assists organizations in integrating SalesForce.com into their daily business processes with a goal of helping clients deliver world class customer service.
Specialties: SalesForce Business Processes, Customer Service Expert, SalesForce Quick Start
Languages: English

Customer Systems, Inc.

CSI provides Salesforce analysis, customization, development and training services for non-profits and small and medium businesses.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Wordpress
Languages: English


Business process consulting for small to medium size business.
Specialties: Salesforce, Support
Languages: English


We're a technology consultant based in the UK. We build bespoke CRM and ERP systems based on the force.com platform. Our systems are developed around our clients' processes and our extensive background in change management and process automation.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Commercial
Languages: English

Data for the People

A mission-driven consulting company providing elegant CRM solutions to nonprofit organizations.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Arts, Media, and Education
Languages: English

Database Designs

Database Designs provides strategic CRM consulting and application development services for Salesforce.com.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Public Sector
Languages: English

Dayspring Technologies

Dayspring has been helping businesses and nonprofits with their Salesforce needs for more than 10 years now. We provide Salesforce implementation, data migration, configuration, communities, integration, web and mobile apps, ongoing support and training.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Custom Web Development
Languages: English


he transformative power of good systems is vast. When technology works as it should your people are free to do what they do best. Targets are met, goals are reached, revenue builds and working life is good. Desynit are systems developers and consultants. We work with businesses that want to free up talented teams by making the most of technology. We are deeply committed to making businesses run smarter, faster, and stronger. We do this by listening to you and your team, understanding your objectives then making your applications do exactly what you need them to do.
Specialties: Salesforce, Talend, Java
Languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Afrikaans


We are specialised in Salesforce.com crm setup, administration, customization, building & managing apps and integration with any third party application like Xero.com, Quickbooks.com, emailage and many. Apart form Salesforce, we also provide BI Services (Tableau and Pentaho). Please visit case studies and reviews here: http://venturepact.com/diligentitlabs Here is quick summary about Diligent IT Labs Team Expertise: • 11+ Resources • 5+ Certified Salesforce Developers • 2+ Certified Salesforce Administrators • 30+ Clients • 100+ Projects Implementation Experience • 4+ apps in AppExchange • 4+ years of focus on Salesforce • 10000+ hours of Salesforce Expertise
Specialties: Salesforce, Enterprise, Apps
Languages: English

Dorset Consulting

Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Certified Force.com Developer, Certified Sys Admin SF consultant for over 8 years. Work with companies and non-profits from 1 - 200 users doing all phases of a project from preliminary goals and requirements through implementation, training, data mgration and cleanup, on-going support We work with all Salesforce editions and make extensive use of AppExchange packages. Our approach is thorough, rigorous and, at the same time, calm, friendly and reassuring, since going to a new suysystem can be very stressful for users and management.
Specialties: Salesforce.com, Non-Profit, Non-Profit Starter Pack
Languages: . English, working reading knowledge of French

Elkhorn Consulting Partners

Elkhorn Consulting Partners is a San Francisco Bay Area based firm, focused on working closely with Non Profit organizations in analyzing their critical business processes and in turn, providing expert consulting services in implementing and training Salesforce.com and FormAssembly.
Specialties: Salesforce & Non-Profit
Languages: English


We are passionate about taking startups to the next level by empowering our clients to achieve operational excellence through process automation and a scalable IT-infrastructure. - Years of Salesforce- & Startup experience - Fast, solution‐oriented implementations - Working with startups all over Europe Imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feel safe while they are there, and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves. This is the world we envision. Inspire people to do the things that inspire them and, together, we can change our world. This is the vision of EMPAUA. EMPAUA helps startups to achieve greatness. We are an independent Salesforce consultancy, based in Berlin, Barcelona, Bucharest and London. Our interdisciplinary team with decades of startup experience is composed of certified Salesforce developers, project managers and business analysts. We are passionate about taking startups to the next level by empowering our clients to achieve operational excellence through process automation and a scalable IT-infrastructure.
Specialties: Salesforce, Startups
Languages: English, German, Spanish


We build professional online surveys, based on existing platforms, as well as on our own developed platforms for specialized fields, as Social Network Analysis. We also do custom developments, integration scripts and reporting solutions
Specialties: Surveys, CRM, Human Resources and Training
Languages: Spanish, English

Exponent Partners

Exponent Partners is a mission-based Salesforce consulting firm that works exclusively with nonprofits to help them use Salesforce to carry out their missions more efficiently and effectively.
Specialties: Salesforce and Force.com, Nonprofit, Education, Human Service Agencies
Languages: English

Fat Beehive Ltd

Charity website design
Specialties: Websites with Salesforce, Charity and Not for Profits
Languages: English

Force by Design

Force by Design has completed 605 projects to implement and develop custom salesforce.com solutions. Individually, our 47 consultants have had more than 1,000 client engagements spanning 10 years. We implement and optimize cloud-based applications, helping organizations put their applications in the cloud and have our own cloud-based apps. Our QuickStart methodology and Best Practice Configuration will maximize the success of your sales, marketing, service, and support departments. Force by Design’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California, with offices maintained in East Lansing, Michigan, and Lexington, KY.
Specialties: Salesforce, Software and High Tech, Health and Life Sciences
Languages: English

Fostering LLC

Fostering, by definition: to promote the growth and development of...Your Organization. Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) implementation partner. Working with your organizations team and data to do what it should, move you forward.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Small Business

Freedom Merchants

We're a true full-service Integrated Payments company with bi-directional data-flow to the most popular software around, including: MailChimp, ConstantContact, HubSpot, QuickBooks, and more.
Specialties: QuickBooks-Online Integration, SalesForce Integration, E-commerce
Languages: English


fullOpp is a Salesforce CRM Consulting firm especializing in mapping out, optimizing and measuring organizational performance through Salesforce.com. We leverage tools such as FormAssembly to help organizations enter large amounts of information directly into the CRM in one click.
Specialties: Salesforce, Marketing Automation, Speeding Up Processes
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Galvin Technologies

Whether your company has been using Salesforce for years or are starting a new implementation, Galvin can show you what can be done to bring Salesforce even more in line with your business processes.
Specialties: Salesforce, Pardot


Specialties: Salesforce.com Partner, Non-Profit, Google
Languages: Dutch, English, Swahili, Japanese


Giveclarity is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner for non-profits using Salesforce.com. We are also a certified implementation partner of NGO Connect (previously known as roundCause).
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Fundraising
Languages: English

Global Tech & Resources

Global Tech & Resources extends the talents of Salesforce partners. Our clients tell us that 'out-tasking' to GTR is a great alternative to adding more employees. Out-tasking gives you an advantage over your competitors: –Instead of hiring expensive full time administrators, use out-tasking consultants to oversee your Salesforce org's maintenance. –Rely on GTR’s contingent workforce to address uncertainties; such as: pandemics, family/medical emergency, termination, or unplanned time off. –Leverage certified and experienced consultants to periodically advise your Salesforce strategy. –Stop wasting time on executing recurring tasks. Send them to GTR. –Mobilize additional resources whenever needed to support your business growth, sales cycles, Salesforce app development. –Blended on-shore/off-shore teams with blended rates; all managed by US personnel.
Specialties: Salesforce Out-tasking, Salesforce Partner Support, Extending Salesforce Talent with Hiring Platform
Languages: English

Globalnest LLC

We are developing salesforce, zoho, ramco ERP, mobile applications like iPhone, android, BlackBerry, Windows8
Specialties: salesforce, Java, and Ant
Languages: English

Halak Consulting, LLC

Halak Consulting LLC helps small to medium size businesses achieve productivity and profitability. We help firms identify problem areas and propose solutions that meet the firm’s requirements. We work with clients to define their business goals, analyze current business infrastructure and identify nonexistent business processes. With a methodical implementation of new solutions, our clients realize true business gains.
Languages: English

HandsOn Connect

HandsOn Connect is a best-in-class, single-platform volunteer and donor management software that will expand your ability to manage, track and report on people, programs and projects in real time. We also implement and develop Salesforce solutions.
Specialties: Volunteer Management, Donor Management / Donations, Salesforce
Languages: English, Spanish

Hiforte Technologies

Combine the power of Salesforce platform with our expertise to get the most out of your Salesforce investment. We’re an ISV and Consulting partner of Salesforce.com with highly skilled and certified consultants including a certified Technical Architect, the highest level of certification offered by Salesforce.com. We’re one of the very few partners with a certified Technical Architect. Businesses change, their processes change over time and you need flexible solutions. The key to flexibility lies in simplicity and we believe in simple solutions to complex problems. Build it right and change with changing needs with our custom development and integration services. Contact us to find out more about the solutions we built with FormAssembly on Salesforce platform.
Specialties: Salesforce, SMB, Nonprofits, Ecommerce, Analytics
Languages: English

Idealist Consulting

Idealist Consulting is dedicated to providing organizations (businesses, public sector and government) with advanced technical solutions that help them run more effectively. Whether it is database development, website design or general technology support, we are here to help. We make every effort to provide this support in a thoughtful, ethical and approachable way so that our clients are able to navigate technology solutions without feeling overwhelmed.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Education
Languages: English


ImagineCRM is a Pasadena CA based business. Our mission is to help nonprofits leverage the power of Salesforce cost effectively.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Salesforce Communities
Languages: English

Internet Creations

With extensive Salesforce experience since 2004, we have been assisting organizations across the world to fully utilize the world's leading CRM platform and operate more efficiently.
Specialties: Service, Platform, Accounting
Languages: English


Salesforce Consulting partner providing system integration and implementation services for field service and sales.
Specialties: Salesforce, Field Sales & Service,
Languages: English, Dutch

KeJo Solutions

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the team at KeJo solutions brings CRM, Systems Integration and Instructional Design skills to help you develop at the speed of thought and deliver Technology Innovation and growth to your organization.
Specialties: Salesforce, Jitterbit
Languages: English, French

KELL Partners

KELL focuses on helping nonprofits implement and optimize their use of Salesforce.com. We've helped hundreds of organizations since our start in 2009 and have deep roots in the nonprofit community from our team of 25 staff.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: English

KVP Business Solutions

Established in 2008, KVP develops web, enterprise and mobile applications on Salesforce.com and on Ruby on Rails. We deliver with consultative approach by understanding our customer's business, participate with them in streamlining processes, automate, sustain and drive user adoption.
Specialties: Salesforce, Ruby on Rails Developers
Languages: English

Liquid Agency Pty Ltd

Liquid specialise in the design and development of Salesforce-integrated property portals and websites.
Specialties: Salesforce, Property Portals, PHP
Languages: English

LongeView Consulting

Salesforce.com implementations & virtual Salesforce administration services for nonprofits. Integrations with external data systems as well as Quickbooks, Mass Email tools, and Outlook. Specializing in improvement while implementing.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit
Languages: English

Longshare Consulting

Longshore Consulting offers collaborative Salesforce services for nonprofits and foundations. Our clients learn how to configure their instance, drive user adoption, and successfully manage their data in the long run.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Foundations

Manukau Road Consulting

New Zealand based Manukau Road Consulting focuses on implementing Salesforce across a range of industries. Many of our customers are nonprofits taking advantage of the offerings from the Salesforce Foundation.
Specialties: Salesforce Implementation, Non-Profits
Languages: English


Salesforce Developer Certified
Specialties: Salesforce, B.E.
Languages: English


Specializing in non profit / not for profit, platform integrations and financial services.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non Profit, Platform Integrations

MintCRM & Marketing Solutions Ltd

MintCRM and Marketing Solutions Ltd are a specialist salesforce.com consulting practice. We focus on delivering measurable results and have a passion for effective sales & marketing solutions that actually work! Our skills and experience cover many industry sectors with businesses of all shapes and sizes. In an industry that is rapidly evolving, we really do practice what we preach to help ensure we can offer you best practice advice.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

Mission Edge San Diego

We’re not your ordinary nonprofit. (And we don’t want you to be, either). Mission Edge is a nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for nonprofit success in the San Diego community — facilitating innovation, growth and impact. We provide nonprofit experts and best practices, supported by best-in-breed technology, to enable our clients to gain greater visibility into their operational results through more accurate and complete financial and operational data. Better data facilitates better decision-making and a compelling story communicated to funders, partners and clients. Mission Edge provides solutions in the areas of finance, information management, IT, HR, marketing, fund development and strategic planning. We are a one-stop-shop for all your nonprofit needs.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Donor Database
Languages: English

Monument Cloud Services

Helping Non Profits streamline their Business Processes and Technology, including Fund Accounting and Constituent Relations Management Software (CRM), enabling our clients to improve their Return on Investment (ROI) so more money and resources can be directed toward their important missions.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofits, Government
Languages: English


Morphate delivers Technology for Good by delivering solutions in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring you obtain the best benefit from your investment by using the Salesforce platform. We do not deliver bespoke solutions - we adapt the best of breed solutions from leading product companies for your needs. Our team is there to support you on your journey from the initial conversation to delivery, implementation and beyond
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Membership Management
Languages: English

MST Solutions

At MST Solutions our cornerstone is to create customer-centric solutions through vertical specific Salesforce.com frameworks. Our in-depth expertise in Salesforce.com Configuration, Customization, and Integration guarantee the success of our clients.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofits, Higher Education
Languages: English


MTI was formed in 2012 as a partnership between a 10-year veteran of business process implementation on the Salesforce platform, and a 20-year veteran of software engineering. We come from small companies — companies with limited budgets and aggressive timeframes. We’ve been down the path that you are on and understand the distinct challenges of those environments. We are certified by Salesforce as Administrators, Consultants, and Developers. This certification ensures that we are up to date in our knowledge of the Salesforce platform and the newest features so that you get accurate and effective guidance. We are building our reputation with each client’s success. If you use Salesforce. and would like to discuss how your business might benefit by enhancing your Salesforce implementation and business processes, drop us a note. We’d love to see if we can help.
Specialties: Salesforce, High Tech, SMB
Languages: English

NCB Capital Impact

We make your job easier and your programs better! HomeKeeper is a powerful new Salesforce.com app designed for programs that manage affordable home ownership programs. Join a growing group of high performing organizations who have made the switch to HomeKeeper and haven't looked back since. Whether you manage a small, growing or large portfolio, you can't afford to be running your programs any other way.
Specialties: Affordable Housing, Non-Profits
Languages: English


nimblejack is an email marketing and CRM integration company, primarily focusing on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. For organizations that value one-on-one relationships with their audiences, nimblejack is a trusted marketing technology provider with the expertise to deliver best-in-class, personalized digital communications.
Specialties: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Retail e-commerce, Nonprofits
Languages: English

North Peak

North Peak is your trusted partner for Salesforce CRM solutions. We design Salesforce technology solutions that fit nonprofit needs, are within budget and support clear strategies that lead to mission-success. We are uniquely qualified to serve organizations in the nonprofit sector having worked and consulted for 20+ combined-years in CRM, philanthropy and other technology.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profits, Online Fundraising

Now IT Matters

As non-profit experts, Now IT Matters makes a difference for those who are making a difference. Our staff have over 30 years of experience working on the inside of non-profits - we deliver effective, budget minded solutions that boards will approve. An exclusive focus on non-profits keeps us on the cutting edge of technology developments Administrator certified professional staff bring the highest level of skills and expertise Our insider knowledge of non-profits means we can get you farther, faster Flight Plans: Get Started For $750 A key factor in our successful track record, Flight Plans are a requirements and solutions analysis. These plans help, clarify our client\'s needs and provide a strategic way forward. Clients appreciate our predictable pricing and fast turnaround as our flight plans cost $750 and are completed in about a week. Starting with a long interview, our process is relational and personal, but the final draft is a concrete technical solutions document. This sets expectations and gives clients the confidence to make decisions about their individualized plan increasing end-user ownership and adoption. In many cases, Flight Plans provide our clients the information required to raise additional funds needed for an implementation. Implementations: We have implemented Salesforce enough times to know how to ask all the questions up front and have developed an implementation worksheet which takes about 3 hours to fill out with a new client. In one interview we help nonprofits make initial decisions that will save hours of frustration later; from field level security down to role-hierarchy. Serving Human Services, Public Policy, and other non-profits
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: English, Spanish


OpenTent LLC is an NYC-based high-energy big-dreaming Salesforce-certified technology consulting team focused on creating robust and highly usable relationship-driven data solutions for community builders.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Strategy
Languages: English

OUT OF THE BOX Consulting & Productions, Inc.

OUT OF THE BOX Consulting has over two decades of experience with enterprise information systems, business processes and the alignment between them. We have been working with salesforce.com (SFDC) since 2004 and provide comprehensive services for SFDC environments: From system architecture and design, through End-to-end implementation and custom application development to Integration with other systems and ongoing administration. We are a registered Consulting Partner with SFDC.
Specialties: Salesforce.com Consulting Partner, Aligning Salesforce with your Business Processes, High-Tech, Media, Healthcare
Languages: English

Oxala Consulting

We help salesforce customer to build and deploy Digital Transformation in their organization through Salesforce.com products and ecosystem solution.
Specialties: Salesforce, Marketing Cloud
Languages: French, English, German

Perpetual West

Perpetual West Inc. is a Salesforce.com Consulting Partner based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our focus is on cloud technology with Salesforce as our flagship solution for our small and medium sized business clients. Our strengths are understanding your business, helping with process improvement and making Salesforce work the way your business does, not vice-versa. Using a client-centric approach, Perpetual West is dedicated to client satisfaction in every project and establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.
Specialties: Salesforce, SMB, Cloud Strategy
Languages: English

Philanthropy for America

Founded in 2016, Philanthropy for America (PFA) is a visionary social enterprise headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana that aims to connect Millennials with two years of full-time work experience in a U.S. nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. In return, the nonprofit, nongovernmental organization receives 15 percent of the Millennials monthly salary used to support the company’s mission and/or charitable giving activities. Our mission is to enlist, equip and empower college graduates and young adults with the heart, passion and commitment to make fundamental and programmatic changes at the highest level of their profession. We pair each Millennials, or PFA Fellows, with a private certified coach and financial literacy specialist to help college graduates pay off their student loan debt after higher education.
Specialties: Philanthropy, Higher Ed, Nonprofit
Languages: English


Pracedo provides Salesforce.com CRM implementation consulting and Force.com Development services for companies across EMEA and the United States.
Specialties: Salesforce, Financial Services, and Non-Profits
Languages: English


Presence Social Impact is our practice focused on building software tools for the nonprofit, B Corp, and social impact space. We believe all organizations should have access to great technology -- especially those working on some of the world’s toughest problems: poverty, education, equality, and the environment.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, B Corp
Languages: English


Pro-File is specialized in Salesforce implementation, Multi content websites and Digital archiving. The focus on NGOs is unique, helping them promote their goals with IT advanced technology
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit
Languages: Hebrew, English

Rakesh Gupta

Salesforce Consultant
Specialties: Salesforce

Ramsey Solutions

Not your average Salesforce Consultants and web developers, we excel in understanding business processes and goals and develop highly creative solutions. We don't say no, that's not possible. There is usually always a way. We are experts using FormAssembly for any type of web form and also connecting it to Salesforce. With our process minds and extensive knowledge of other technologies we are armed with the ability to improve your business utilizing technology and FormAssembly.
Specialties: Salesforce, Dynamic Forms, Web Forms
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

Redpath Consulting Group

Delivering Cloud Solutions to customers in North America and Europe Redpath Consulting Group is dedicated to empowering people to perform more efficiently through a relentless dedication to providing cloud solutions and support that enhance business productivity. Redpath provides reliable, cost-effective infrastructure solutions, strategic cloud planning services, managed services and more. Redpath was founded in Minnesota in 2008 by two technology executives with a wealth of experience in guiding organizations that are committed to actionable organizational change enabled by cloud solutions. Redpath solves business problems and enhances business opportunities in a customer-centric manner through easy-to-use cloud solutions. Redpath recognizes that organizations that adopt cloud strategy will outperform their competitors by reducing costs through efficiency and driving top-line revenues. Redpath offers a suite of services, including cloud strategy creation, Salesforce consultation and implementation, and Google Apps for Business implementation. Redpath’s expert consultants are skilled in upfront strategic thinking, problem analysis, planning disciplines and solution delivery. Redpath cloud architects map a company’s requirements to optimize Salesforce.com, while minimizing the need for unnecessary customization and coding during implementation. Redpath serves a broad range of customers, including Fortune 500 companies, mid-market organizations, start-up ventures and government agencies, and has specialized expertise in serving nonprofits. Redpath is a Salesforce Cloud Alliance partner and Google Apps authorized reseller.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Cloud Strategy Development
Languages: English


RelationEdge helps companies implement Salesforce. We focus first on the business processes you are trying to enhance and the results you are looking to achieve. Then we will leverage everything Salesforce has to offer to develop a custom engineered technology solution that will improve your business processes and help you better market, sell and service your customers.
Specialties: Salesforce, Pardot, Small Business
Languages: English


We specialise in implementing Salesforce.com based solution for our clients helping them to save time, boost revenue and streamline their operations.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

SaaS Consulting Group

SaaS Consulting Group is a frictionless cloud technology services firm that specializes in Salesforce.com and NetSuite cloud business applications.
Specialties: Salesforce, NetSuite, Technology
Languages: English

SaaSnic Consulting

Salesforce Consulting Partner
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Higher Education


Based in Brisbane we are focussed on transforming businesses through the adoption of the Salesforce platform. We build integrations between Salesforce and just about anything. We provide Consulting, Training & Support
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

SalesPath Corporation

SalesPath provides Salesforce implementation, training, and customization services for SMB businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Offices in Kirkland, WA and Lake Oswego, OR. Served 285+ Salesforce customers.
Specialties: SMB
Languages: English

SOL Business Solutions

Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

Spark.Orange, LLC

Spark.Orange is a Syracuse, NY based consultancy, and a Salesforce.com Certified Partner. We are passionate about solving complex business problems through the use of technology, and are driven by our core values of Honesty, People, and Community. Spark.Orange provides Salesforce.com implementation and automation services, as well as custom Force.com development.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English


Sparklecloud is UK based Salesforce consultancy with a focus on supporting non-profit organisations. Sparklecloud Director, Richard Turner, is an ex-Charity CEO and can support charities and NFP organisations with both the technical and the strategic development of Salesforce.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit

Sputnik Moment

We take the mystery out of data management and let you get back to achieving your mission
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit

Support Labs

We are a small freelancing organization who help nonprofits with their operations, namely programs that leverage Salesforce.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, Small Orgs, Family & Children, Early Childhood
Languages: English

SutoCom Solutions

One person operation committed to the single client for the duration of their SFDC challenge to fix the way the client wants the system to work. Not the cookie cutter way most consultant firms provide.
Specialties: Salesforce, Force.com, Data Management & Clean Up
Languages: English

Swift River Consulting

Swift River Consulting is one of the original pioneer partners working with the Salesforce.com Foundation. We understand that every nonprofit is different and will maximize the value of the salesforce platform to fit your organization’s unique needs. Swift River Consulting specializes in: * Business process analysis * Nonprofit Starter Pack * Data analysis, cleansing, and migration * Web form and 3rd party application integration * Training * Post-implementation support
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Integrations
Languages: English, Spanish


We are a Salesforce certified partner based in Dubai, UAE. We help our clients to develop Salesforce system, and enhance the CRM functionality with applications like Form Assembly
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English

The Supernova Collective

A pro-active implementation consultant with over 10 years full project lifecycle experience. Has worked in various industries in both private and public sectors within several project environments including Prince 2, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile. Experienced in using structured techniques for analysing and modelling requirements, implementing software to fit the business need and managing business change . Excellent communicator, comfortable engaging with key stakeholders at all levels and matrix teams based both on and offshore with the ability to work autonomously where required. Thrives in challenging environments to deliver projects on time that yield multiple business benefits and able to learn new business domains quickly and apply previous experience in a mutually beneficial manner.
Specialties: Saleforce, Business Process Improvement, and Non-Profit
Languages: English

Third Sector IT

Third Sector IT was formed to help charities and social enterprises achieve their aims. Organisations rightly focus on providing the best services to their clients or users, and technology plays a vital part in that.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit , Fundraising, Education, Training
Languages: English

Three Levers

Three Levers believes that technology should be in service to the mission and not the other way around. We leverage the power of industry leading cloud technology to help you deliver the good you are bringing to the world.
Specialties: Salesforce, Nonprofit, Higher Education
Languages: English


Tower61 is a small business internet consultant company. We have years of experience working with small businesses. We understand the day to day challenges and know that your business and your customers come first – we are here to help you manage everything online; your website, social media, and online marketing. We have developed highly customized FormAssembly solutions that include payment gateway connectors to produce forms that generate revenue. Those solutions have also been optimized to produce higher conversion rates by implementing tracking to monitor progress and errors throughout the form. We've also developed products, using the Form Assembly API, to present the data collected in a custom format. Our comprehensive services, and dedication to excellence, guarantees that Tower 61 will help make your business more successful!
Specialties: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing
Languages: English

Twopirconsulting Private Ltd.

At Twopir, we excel at helping companies shift their culture, business strategy, and IT infrastructure to align toward their customers.You will be working with qualified technical specialists with the experience to deliver world class systems for your organisation.
Specialties: FormAssembly, Salesforce, Klipfolio
Languages: English

van Mansfeld, llc

OurSalesforceAdmin.com provides Salesforce.com Administrative services to small to large sized businesses and non-profits. With 10+ years of hands on experience, OSA's team of Administrators, Developers, and Solution Architechs can navigate and translate your business processes and workflows to the Salesforce.com platform. If your needs are as simple as day-to-day native functionality or involve more complex analysis and solutions, OSA's affordable "on-demand" services can free your mindshare and get you focused back on your core business objectives."
Specialties: Salesforce, Legal Vertical, Financial Vertical
Languages: English


Leading full-service Salesforce consultants specializing in Media, Professional Services, and High Tech.
Specialties: Salesforce, Media, Professional Services
Languages: English


Vertiba (ver TEE ba) means value and trust. We are a certified Salesforce.com implementation partner focused on helping our clients maximize the value of cloud computing. As an integrated team of Salesforce.com specialists, we provide project management, best practices implementation guidance and technical expertise for small, medium and enterprise organizations in Colorado, Utah and the Rocky Mountain West. Vertiba also works globally to help companies deploy the ServiceMax Field Service solution.
Specialties: Salesforce.com, Healthcare, Public Sector
Languages: English


Vision-e is a Salesforce Cloud Alliance partner providing rapid implementations, Salesforce Administration and Sales Productivity Apps
Specialties: Salesforce, Veteran Strong Partner - Veterans2Work
Languages: English

Winter Solutions, Inc.

Hands-on IT Management consulting firm specializing in small/medium business, non-profit & education since 1986. Our customers value our business acumen as much as our technical expertise, allowing us to truly transform their operations. Tools like FormAssembly to build creative solutions to deliver powerful solutions that align will small business budgets! Trust and integrity are at the core of what we do.
Specialties: Non-profit/Education, Small/Medium Business, Creative SalesForce Solutions


Optimizing SalesForce.com Functionality while Minimizing Cost in a Click of a Button Mission Guide Small & Medium Businesses to Optimize SalesForce.com Performance and Expenses in a click of a button. WiserSpread is combined with a group of top notch experts who already worked with the big boys; fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Intel, SAP and many other startups. Each of us is a SalesForce.com Consultant & Administrator who has one thing in mind – Deliver Value to our customers with a remarkable customer service approach.
Specialties: Salesforce
Languages: English


3,5 years salesforce experiences in administration, implementations and migrations. several forms, newsletter subscriptions, online registration forms, prefilled forms
Specialties: Salesforce implementation, administration
Languages: English, German

Wombat Works

Wombat Works provides technology consulting to nonprofits, using a deep skill set built by working with hundreds of NPO's to increase their effectiveness.
Specialties: Salesforce.com. Non-Profit


Trish Perkins has been working with Salesforce and FormAssembly for the past three years. She is a Certified Salesforce Administrator.
Specialties: Salesforce, Non-Profit, International
Languages: English, Fluent: French, Intermediate: Nepali


Yurgosky is an expert strategy, analytics and technology development company. We connect organizations with cutting-edge technology, align it to current and future strategic goals, and operationalize data to increase efficiency and engagement.
Specialties: Salesforce, nonprofit, high tech startup
Languages: English, mandarin, french