Google Spreadsheet Outage

At approximately 3PM ET today, Google’s Spreadsheets API experienced an outage resulting in completely inaccessibility to user’s worksheets. As a result, all attempts to update Google spreadsheets with data from FormAssembly forms are currently failing. There hasn’t been an official acknowledgement of the issue by Google currently, so we’re recommending FormAssembly users either: Move their Google … Read More

7 Web Form Usability Tips

When you think of web usability, you probably think about landing page optimization, design, and the overall user experience. But there’s one missing link — something that is vital to web usability. Something that not many people think about. So, what the heck am I talking about, anyway? I’m talking about web form usability and best … Read More

July 20th Limited Outage for FormAssembly Enterprise Customers

Note: This issue is now resolved and all Enterprise instances should not be experiencing any further problems. Background On 2015-07-20 around 07:10 ET, a small number of our Enterprise customers became and remain unavailable. SoftLayer, FormAssembly’s hosting provider, notified us that a server room in their Washington, D.C. datacenter was experiencing power disruptions. These disruptions … Read More