Form Builder 4.3.0: More Powerful Labels

Form Builder Updates We’ve just released Form Builder version 4.3.0! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: Add links to field labels Use images in place of radio buttons and checkboxes Improved responsiveness across devices Clear formatting tool To use these new features and improvements, upgrade your existing forms to Form Builder version 4.3.0. When … Read More

Case Study: Lesson Plans, Student Records, and Quality Control

Lindamood-Bell uses FormAssembly to power lesson plans, student records, and quality control across 65+ learning centers. Lindamood-Bell Lindamood-Bell teaches children and adults reading and comprehension. Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers use intensive, research-validated instruction to help students of all ages and levels, no matter their skill or learning challenge. Elizabeth Hardman is the Director of Learning Center … Read More

Feedback Form Best Practices: 7 Tips

I probably don’t need to tell you why a feedback form is crucial, because let’s be honest: You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already know that. A customer questionnaire is, by far, one of the greatest ways to gather useful feedback without delay. And now that so many businesses are busy building a strong digital presence for themselves, it’s … Read More

How to Create a Killer Online Job Application Form

Let’s face it: Hiring isn’t easy. And neither is sorting through hundreds of generic online job applications before finally finding a few that look promising. Here are a few possible scenarios. Which one would you prefer? After posting a job, you sort through hundreds of mediocre applications and only find a few that are promising. You get a smaller … Read More