How CIOs in Higher Education Organizations Can Optimize the Handling of Contact Data Around Salesforce Throughout its Lifecycle

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SalesWings provides lead website tracking and predictive lead scoring services for marketing and sales teams seeking to understand when leads are reaching buying readiness to increase their deal closing rate. We all have heard the saying, “Data is the Gold of the Digital Age!” But what does that really mean? With customer data, it is … Read More

Press Release: FormAssembly Announces Compliance with EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

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Bloomington, IN (October 14)-Veer West LLC announced today that the company’s leading web form management solution, FormAssembly, is now compliant with the new EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. “With a number of International customers, complying with evolving security standards and requirements is always a top priority for us and our business,” said FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese. “Our … Read More

4 Ways to Accelerate Business Processes With Web Forms

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There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Chances are you’ve said that, thought that, or heard someone else expressing the same sentiment. And unfortunately it often feels all too true. With a growing to-do list, your day never seems to get any longer. While it would be awesome if Hermione Granger’s time turner actually … Read More